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HydroTub™ & Standard Chiller

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The HydroTub™ is a modern, streamlined, fully insulated cold plunge tub built for full body immersion. Inflatable, lightweight and portable, cold plunge in the comfort and convenience of your home with an Osone Chiller. With over 5 feet in length and 2 ½ feet in height, you'll have plenty of room for a full body plunge experience. Constructed with a double layer side wall for maximum insulation, this cold plunge maintains cold water temperatures for longer. The HydroTub™ comes with a robust, inflatable lid with quad lock system to keep debris out. We've also included a carry all backpack so you can take it on the go. All Osone cold plunges come chiller ready with pre-installed quick connect ports. 100% portable, for indoor and outdoor use. 

The Osone™ Standard Chiller comes equipped with a 0.5 HP Water Chiller which gives you the flexibility to cold plunge from ambient temperatures down to extreme temperatures. With the ability to cool to 39°F*, cold plunge in the comfort and convenience of your home without the burden of ice. A water filtration system is included to remove sand, dirt and debris from your water system. A great starter water chiller for beginners as well as extreme cold plungers. 

 *ambient temps may affect these values

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HydroTub or HydroBarrel?

Each product has its advantages. Both were designed for full body immersion. If you're looking for a more traditional, meditative tub-like setup, we recommend the HydroTub. If you prefer an upright, vertical, natural plunging experience or you have limited space, we recommend the HydroBarrel.

Ice or Water Chiller?

If you're like many folks new to cold plunging and curious about the benefits, we recommend starting with ice. It's easily accessible at your local grocery store, reasonably priced and will help you start a new routine in order to reap the benefits. After a couple weeks of feeling the effects cold plunging can have on your body and well-being, you may be ready to invest in a long term solution. Ice is a great starting point but will only take you so far in terms of temperature and convenience. For more on cost and how to use ice in a cold plunge, click here.

0.5 HP or 1.0 HP Water Chiller?

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right water chiller. We'll try to best simplify how to choose the right one. We recommend prioritizing in this order: cost, lowest temperature desired, time to desired temperature, cleanliness of water and noise. The cost is pretty straight forward based on your budget. The temperature and time to desired temperature is one of the most important factors because of the limits both present. The lower in temperature you want your water and the faster you want it to cool, the more HP and better insulation required. The Standard 0.5 HP Chiller comes with a filter to remove debris such as dirt, hair, sand and other small particles that may be in your water but does not have any bacteria killing mechanisms. This will require replacing the water from time to time as well as cleaning the inside of the cold plunge. The Pro 1.0 HP Chiller comes with a 5 micron water filter to remove even the smallest of particles coupled with UV to kill bacteria. Lastly, the noise coming from the chiller as the fan cools may be of importance to you. The Pro 1.0 HP Chiller emits a smooth, low vibrating noise from the single, large fan in the rear whereas the 0.5 HP Chiller is slightly louder with 4 smaller fans exhausting the heat from the Chiller. The fan only comes on when cooling the water and shuts off automatically when the desired temperature has been reached and will stay off up to the temperature you set for restart. This is all automatic and can be manually adjusted on the digital screen.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer Affirm through Shop Pay. 0% financing is available for those who qualify.

Why choose Osone?

Check out 5 reasons to choose us click here.

Cold Plunge Dimensions & Accessories Included

Product Dimensions:

  • HydroTub™ - L 61" x W 30" x H 30" - 23lbs empty - 132 gallon capacity
  • HydroBarrel™ - W 37" x H 39" - 22lbs empty - 132 gallon capacity

Accessories included:

  • Carry-All Backpack
  • Quad Lock Cover
  • Chiller Ready, Pre-installed Quick Connect Inlet and Outlet Ports
  • Pump for Cold Plunge & Cover
  • Water Temperature Gauge

Chiller Dimensions & Accessories Included

Product dimensions:

  • Standard 0.5 HP - L 11.75" x W 14" x H 14.25" - 43lbs
  • Pro 1.0 HP - L 25.5" x W 14" x H 19.75" - 78lbs

Accessories included:

  • Standard Chiller comes with 1 water filter, inlet and outlet connections and hose assembly.
  • PRO Chiller comes with 1 pre-installed 5 micron filter, 2 complementary replacement filters, 1 pre-installed UV sanitation system, inlet and outlet connections and hose assembly (each hose is 5 feet long). Longer hoses are available upon request.
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