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"We strive to offer high quality, cold plunge solutions at affordable prices. We believe cold plunging is for everybody. Unlock the mental & physical benefits and learn how to achieve your highest potential with Osone."

Brave the Plunge | Embrace the Cold

Not All Cold Plunges Are Created Equal


Looking for a Cold Plunge that's deep and wide enough for full body immersion? With over 5 ft in length, there's no need to bend your knees when sitting or plunging with your shoulders and arms slouched over the rim. If we're going to cold plunge, let's do it right! A neck deep cold plunge for full body effect. A tub-like experience for those who prefer a more traditional, meditative state.


An upright, vertical design providing over 3 ft in depth. Whether you choose to sit on the bottom or float in place, this cold plunge provides effortless, full body immersion. If you prefer a more natural state of cold plunging, similar to plunging in an ice cold lake, this one's for you.

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10 Benefits of Cold Plunging

Better Sleep

Stress Relief

Mental Resilience

Reduce Anxiety

Improved Circulation

Boosted Immune System

Improved Skin & Hair

Muscle Recovery

Weight Management

Increased Metabolism

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