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"In creating Osone, we strive to offer the best cold plunge solutions to benefit your mental and physical well-being. Learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Achieve your highest potential by embracing the cold."

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    Whether you prefer laying down or being upright, we've got you covered. We spent countless hours designing our cold plunges for full body immersion. Transform your body & mind in just 3 minutes a day.

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    86 the Ice! We have Chillers for beginners to extreme cold plunge advocates. From Water Filtration for debris removal to UV Sanitation to kill bacteria, cold plunge in crisp, cool, clean, chemical-free water anytime you want.

Horizontal | tub

Looking for a Cold Plunge that's deep and wide enough for full body immersion? With over 5 feet in length, no need to bend your knees when sitting or plunging with your shoulders and arms slouched over the rim. If we're going to cold plunge, let's do it right! Plenty of room coupled with a comfort design. Tub-like experience for those who prefer more of a meditative state.

Vertical | Barrel

This upright design provides over 3 feet in depth. Whether you choose to sit on the bottom or float in place, this cold plunge provides effortless, full body immersion. For people who prefer a more natural state of cold plunging (similar to plunging in an ice cold lake), we've got you covered.

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10 Benefits of Cold Plunging

Muscle Recovery

Improved Circulation

Improved Skin & Hair

Boosted Immune System

Weight Management

Stress Relief

Better Sleep

Increased Metabolism

Mental Resilience

Improved Mental Health

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