Founder's Note

We know cold plunge products are an investment. You should get what you pay for with high quality products plus the customer support and know how. We created Osone as a one stop shop to educate, build community and bring the best products to you at the most affordable prices.

After being put through the ringer on cold plunge products from multiple companies, it dawned on me that there had to be a better way. From the months waiting to get my purchase to the inaccurate specs and descriptions (a 1/3 HP Chiller can barely break 45°F unless you put it in a freezer) to the arbitrary measurements that weren't put to the test (what's with cold plunging with your chest and arms out), we spent countless hours to research and develop products that give you the ability for full body immersion with the help needed to educate and guide you through the entire process. 

When I first got into cold plunging and even still today, there are so many questions on the practice and benefits. We put together articles that we believe answer many of these questions. Written to the point, we intentionally kept them 3 minutes long; enough to get you through a cold plunge session and just what you need to be in the know. 

We are a US based company out of Florida. We know a thing or two about the heat and how necessary the cold is to your mental health, well-being and peak physical performance. Join us on the journey to finding your best self!

We believe in transparency. All of our products ship free with no hidden costs or fees. We are committed to getting you products faster than anybody else on the market so you can get started on your Cold Plunge journey. 

We appreciate you choosing Osone as we provide the resources, tools and knowledge to help you find your best self by unlocking all the benefits cold plunge has to offer.

"Brave the plunge. Embrace the cold."